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Manage all contacts in a unified way,
across all channels.

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Manage all contacts in a unified way, across all channels.

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Truly omnichannel customer service

Interact with your customers through the channels they prefer, in an integrated and unified way. Instead of communicating through each channel separately, manage interactions from a single platform, for all service processes. Ensure customers an optimal, consistent and personalized contact experience whether by phone, chat, WhatsApp, social media, email, SMS or web forms. inConcert provides you with simple, complete and functional technology, powered by artificial intelligence, for a successful operation in your contact center.

Omnichannel and intelligent distribution

Gain efficiency in your operations by intelligently distributing each interaction to the best-qualified agent for successful management, regardless of the channel used. inConcert employs powerful algorithms that take into account historical customer behavior, profile and context data to personalize and guarantee an excellent experience.

Unify interactions in a single tray

Manage all conversations in a single, truly omnichannel, collaborative inbox. Your agents can answer calls, respond to emails, send WhatsApp and social media messages and many more actions, from a single access point that centralizes all communications. Manage each customer comprehensively and access real-time interaction history and knowledge bases to raise the level of service.

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Use advanced voice technologies

The telephone continues to be the preferred means of contact for users, despite the growth of digital channels. inConcert provides you with cutting-edge tools for excellent telephone customer service, adapted to the demands of today's customers. Increase sales, reduce costs and build customer loyalty by efficiently automating the call distribution and dialing process. Reduce the number of transfers, waiting time and average call time; and surprise abandoned customers by calling them back.

Connect with your community on Social Networks

Stay close to your customers by giving them excellent customer service on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from the same omnichannel platform. Schedule posts and respond to mentions, comments and messages on social networks in real time, without the need to have a specific group of operators attending these channels. Integrate social interactions with your company's other channels, maintaining the context and thread of the conversation.

Use WhatsApp securely

Communicate with your customers through the most widely used messaging app in the world, securely and 100% integrated with your contact platform. inConcert facilitates the official integration with WhatsApp Business API, accompanying you throughout the process and advising you on the strategic use of this channel, to meet all your requirements and get the most out of it.

Manage your operations from a single screen

Simplify the management of your contact center and configure the behavior of your omnichannel platform from a single interface. Access all system administration functionalities, manage users and permissions easily, and configure your campaigns in a unified way, down to the last detail.

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