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Systems that add value

Expand the possibilities of your contact center.

Banner Systems that add value

Analytics and Reporting

Make strategic decisions based on accurate on accurate data.

Banner Systems that add value

Build new business scenarios

Easily integrate high-value systems into your contact center to expand contact possibilities and create new business scenarios on the platform itself. Reduce implementation time and costs with powerful visual design tools to build everything from simple pre-service menus to complex IVR applications and workflows. And make all the changes you need in real time, without bringing the entire system to a halt.

Extend the possibilities of generating sales

Diversify your customer acquisition, demand generation and sales closing strategies. Integrate digital marketing trends to your contact center, executing lead acquisition and nurturing actions from the omnichannel platform itself. inConcert gives you tools for the digital transformation of your strategies through multiple channels: social networks, email, online campaigns. It performs a detailed follow-up of each lead, giving agents valuable information to advance in closing sales.

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Create your own applications

Everything you need to put your contact strategies to work, you can create from inConcert. Easily design management applications for all your business processes, from scripting or data entry forms to custom web applications for sales, collections, customer service, reservations, case tracking and more. Integrate applications into your contact center and consolidate them into one to make your agents' work more efficient.

Design your self-service solutions and bots

Empower your customers by developing your own self-service applications, fully integrated with the contact center. Create and train your omnichannel chatbots and voice portals, and connect them to your back-end systems and processes so they can solve situations and bring real value to customers.

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